My goal is to reimagine luxury lifestyles and envision how aspects of life in the XXI century change our living spaces and daily activities. I believe in creating and enriching bonds between businesses and audiences by inspiring, teaching and entertaining.

I create 3D renderings and write SEO ready pieces of content and copywriting with the indelible commitments of authenticity and high quality. 


Providing compelling content is the mainstay of a marketing strategy and i firmly believe that the best content comes from insiders. 

That’s the reason i created Vizcayne Grand. My name is Carlo Mena and i studied interior design and art history, i have worked as a design consultant for high end clients, creating projects with the interior design industry most valued brands such as Camerich, BoConcept, Fritz Hansen, Bernhardt Interiors or Theodore Alexander. As a designer i’ve always been passionate about providing a tailored  customer experience, to deliver beautiful and dignified interiors.


I named this site Vizcayne Grand because my family came to the Americas from Vizcaya, nothern Spain in 1776, the oak is the symbol of the kingdom of Vizcaya, that’s why i picked the oak leaf as my icon and personal tribute to my background. Since the XVIII century, merchandising luxury goods it’s been a tradition of many members of my family. It’s my pleasure to safeguard that tradition with a whole new concept that it’s embodied in content content creation agency.


As a professional, my purpose is to provide everyone with resources so they can live in beauty and comfort. However i am aware that for many people is harder to feel comfortable with who they are and it’s crucial for everyone’s well-being, to see more businesses and institutions stading up against hate speeches  of any kind.

I have the responsability to promote the message of human rights and civil rights, that we still need to ensure and protect. I commit my self and my brand to that pursue and to speak up when it comes to racism or hate.

Carlo Mena

Living with flair